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Spring has sprung…what does that mean? 10 Must-haves!

10.  Every woman has a LBD (little black dress).  I have several.  But for spring, you must get yourself a LWD (little white dress).  Something short and flirty to show off those sexy legs of yours.  I love a great lace dress.  Nothing hoochie, no plunging necklines or booty-tight dresses (no Vegas here), something classy and elegant. Think: airy and fresh.  

9.  Orange lipstick — yes, the brighter the shade of orange, the more on trend you’ll be.  Pair your lips with a neutral, brownish eye and soft pinkish-gold cheeks.  

8.  Patterned-legging-jeggings.  Looks like leggings but not, with lots of patterns, to show off your edgy and funky look.  

7.  Pointed-heels.  They’re back!  A pointed heel will never go out of style.  Anything pointed, really.  Pointed loafers, pointed ballerina shoes, pointed booties.  

6.  Pastel jewelry.  A great pair of earrings, or bangles, or a necklace. 

5.  Crop-tops.  Yup, the 90’s are back.  Okay, I’m not talking about music band logo tees.  We’re talking, structured crop-tops.  Maybe in leather, or in silk.  A top that’s screams look at my flat stomach, but demure enough to wear to Sunday brunch. 

4.  A charcoal or gray leather bag.  I’m obsessed with Givenchy’s Gray Antigona bag, but for $2,435.00 a pop, yeah, I can’t justify spending that much on a purse.  Well, not every season anyway.  So instead, you can get yourself a Rebecca Minkoff bag for about $300.00, more affordable and very chic.  It ain’t Givenchy, but what really is, right?  

3.  Metallic dresses — so money, honey!  We’re talking 80’s prom princess meets Janet and Michael Jackson’s Scream video. 

2.  Wide-leg Culottes - Seen at Alexander Wang, Victoria Beckman, and Proenza Schouler.  

1.  Cat-eye sunglasses.  Release the feline within you.  Nothing is sexier, I mean nothing, than a woman who rocks a pair of black cat eye sunglasses.

Now, go out there and be fabulous!   

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Pixiwoo…my two gals!


Pixiwoo a sister-sister team of makeup artists have successfully launched their own makeup brush line, Real Techniques, and I love it.  I love it, I love it, I love it.  I tweeted Sam (the gal on the left), letting her know that I no longer use my MAC brushes… I am a die-hard Real Techniques endorser!  

They started off their career on youtube (naturally), then segued into launching their own website, their own makeup channel show, and a product line.  I love how they apply makeup, their lovely English accents, and just how down to earth these ladies are.  I could watch their videos forever and not get bored.  

The makeup brushes are so cheap but so amazing.  I can’t sing its praises enough.  

Check out the line at: — you won’t be disappointed, I pinky swear.  

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Cooking with Maangchi! Tang. Tang.


Maangchi is this Korean lady (who looks like everyone’s mom or aunt or some variation of that) who started off as a youtube sensation with her cooking segments.  She was born in Korea, moved to Canada, and currently lives in New York City.  She’s hilarious.  She often wears bright wigs and these over-the-top outfits, she’s totally fobby and her “side bar comments” — so cute and entertaining. But it was her cooking (her skills in the kitchen) that caught the eyes of her fans. 

She always starts off her shows with, “Herrrroooo everybody!”  And, “So deereescous.”    

She’s good, I mean really good at cooking everything.  I follow her recipes all the time.  Korean dishes are very difficult to make because there are so many ingredients, that sometimes it’s just easier to go to a restaurant.  


But, with Maangchi’s easy to follow recipes — you’re like, “I can do that!”

She’s blown up. She has her own producers now, her own line of cooking books, she makes appearances, and often times, my friends and I will watch her on her youtube channel and just laugh.  With her, not at her. 


We all joke that we’ll end up looking and acting like her.  

Check her out at   You’ll just love her.  

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Yup! This happened. I always wanted to dance at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater (it’s every dancer’s dream). Well, I danced hip hop at Alvin Ailey. AHHHHHHHH! Thank you very much. *doing the nay nay* (If you look closely at the glass at the bottom of the photo, you’ll see my right leg.  ;-D

Yup! This happened. I always wanted to dance at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater (it’s every dancer’s dream). Well, I danced hip hop at Alvin Ailey. AHHHHHHHH! Thank you very much. *doing the nay nay* (If you look closely at the glass at the bottom of the photo, you’ll see my right leg.  ;-D

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This is the VOICE (Korea)! *peace sign*


I love this show.  It’s a spin-off of the UK version.  Basically, a bunch of un-signed or rather former singers (who couldn’t launch a successful career on their own) sing “blindly” to a group of judges who have their backs turned on them.  So, instead of being judged for their looks, they’re being judged purely by their voice.  If the judge likes what s/he hears, they’ll press a button and turn around. 

One of the judges is called, “Kangta,” and he was MAJOR.  I mean, really major.  He was part of a pop group called H.O.T. (you think New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys/NSYNC shut it down, H.O.T. — oh man, every Korean girl knew the “Candy” dance.  This was the jam!  My girlfriends would go K clubbing and dance this routine on stage.  First of all, we were underaged (cough), and why we dancing on stage at a club on a school night? Nawwhatimean?  

Oh, the stories of K clubbing… off the hook.  K clubbing is totally different from regular clubbing, one you get a table and assorted fruit/nuts with your alcohol.  They play slow music too, so you can slow dance.  I’m dying.  Next, the guys do what’s called, “booking.”  Where they will tell their waiter who they think is cute or whatever, and the waitstaff will drag these women to a guy’s table.  You’ll literally see women being dragged against their will; I was even picked up and carried to a table once.  I remember running away from waiters (all the time) after I wanted to take a break from dancing, and I always said, “I have to use the bathroom.”  Here’s the kicker:  the waiter will wait for your ass outside the bathroom and be like, “I didn’t forget.”  Ugh.  But, it’s part of the club culture, if you’re a group of attractive girls, you definitely got in for free and probably got the hookups, so you know that you have to “return the favor,” and least get booked once before the night’s over.  

We even had a strategy.  Those girls who booked for the night, those who got to be a “free agent” for the night.  Like, “hey, I hella had to sit with those fools that one night, it’s your turn.”  As long as there was constant movement coming from our group, they couldn’t keep track of which girls got booked or not.  So we used to split up.  Ha!  Or depending on whose bf might pop up for the night (oh yeah, they used to do that, just stop by to “check up on us”), and they would literally start crap or start a fight with the guys who “booked us,” after the lights came on.  Yes, shamefully, we all dated at least one thug ‘I can’t reads good” boy at one time in our lives.  So embarrassing.  

I can only speak for myself, but my first “teenage” boyfriend was off the chain.  He belonged to a LA Korean gang (not going to mention the name), he pursued me hard and I finally acquiesced, he drove a Lexus at the age of 16 (and he wasn’t working a part-time job, if you catch my drift), and always, “Are you looking at my girl?  I’ll kill you.”  And homeboy used to fight all the time. I used to get involved and least grab him away, after a while, I rolled my eyes, and walked away, and he would chase after me.  We obviously didn’t last because I was over all of that, and I didn’t really care for him, but I finally broke up with him after I found out that he slept with his ex-girlfriend and got her pregnant, then slept with a friend of mine, too, talking about how he messed up.  Ya think?  Like I wouldn’t find out. Please.  *head shake*  You could say, he was a winner.  Bless his heart.  So much teenage drama.  

The last time I saw that fool was when I was visiting a friend during my freshman year in college, he freaked out when he saw me, just “all up in my face”; he was still the same person, except he was selling drugs. Awesome.  I wished him well.  No hard feelings.  Plus, I think I was with someone else at the time anyway.  But, makes for a fantastic story!  We all have one of those, right?  My girlfriends are some of the most successful, beautiful, smart, accomplished women out there, yet we all dipped in that pool? Aigoo. 

Back to clubbing…

Sometimes, you do get “thirsty,” (ah-hem), so you’ll begrudgingly go to a table and “have a shot,” and make nice conversations, knowing full well, the guys you are talking to 1) creepy as hell and 2) inappropriate, you know I’m 16, right?  

But, it’s a right of Korean passage… 


Back to Kangta and H.O.T., I knew all their songs and moves.  They were “it.”  We were all obsessed with them.  I even had their posters and I used to watch all their videos.  It was something else.  I literally said, “OH MY GAWD, it’s KANGTA!” and jumped up and down when I watched ‘The Voice’.  (Yes, he’s still very pretty.)

The American version, the UK version, the judges are so entertaining.  I especially loved watching Jessie J and Adam Levine — they’ll beg, they’ll do crazy stuff to get people on their team.  So entertaining — they’ll press the button all crazy, or sing along, dance along or like, “they just have to hit that button”…the Korean version, hella serious. 

Cracks me up.  

But, you know my dumbass is watching it anyway.  :) 

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If I didn’t have to wear a burka, I would totally move to Dubai.


Dubai has become the new economic hubbub.  An overwhelming amount of American and European expats live in Dubai.  The catch:  the whole dressing like an Islamic woman — I love me some booty shorts, probably not going to make it far, will I?  

I love the Islamic faith, I think it’s really fascinating.  The whole 5 Pillars, the hajj from Mecca to Medina, the 5 daily prayers, the mosques, the culture, the Seljuk Turks and the Ottoman Empire.  The split between the succession of the caliphs:  the schism between Sunnis and Shiites (yes, it’s pronounced shee-its).  

Muslims venerate their faith.  I tried to fast once during the month of Ramadan, as my way of being respectful and living vicariously, and I couldn’t make it past 4pm.  No water, no food, no gum, I was about to die. Yes, Muslims do this every year, for an entire month, from sundown to sun set - they not allowed to eat, y’all.  

Muslims are hardcore — no complaining, just this practice they do, with a heart filled with gratitude and this understanding that Allah will provide. The word Muslim means to “submit to God.”  A lot of people also mistake Muslims for Sikhs.  So, not the same.  Sikhs practice a mix of Islam and Hinduism.  So, yes, their “God” is monotheistic, but their beliefs differ.  And to clarify, Islam is the religion, Muslim is the person practicing Islam, and Arab is their race.  Their ethnicity is dependent on which part of the world they’re from.  Yes, they are European Muslims, they are African Muslims, they are Middle Eastern Muslims, etc.  I’ve yet to meet an Asian Muslim, but that’s because Islam never spread passed India, because when the Mongols took over around the late 12th century, they straight TOOK OVA.  

Dubai, I hear, is beautiful.  A friend of mine lives there and she always tells me to move there.  That I would love it.  And around the area, I could dress however I wanted, but it’s pretty much an Islamic nation. And yes, she’s dating a sheikh.  Just not my flavor, dating a prince or whatever does nothing for me.  And, I ain’t trying to be one of 12 girls, sharing a man, please.  What kind of “the more the merrier,” a la Hugh Hefner crap is that.

They have some amazing opportunities there, but I don’t think I could live like that with those kinds of restraints.  I’m a little too Americanized. I love getting a tan and wearing cute outfits, that a burka just doesn’t work with my style.  

But, I will totes visit.  I think it’ll be one for the books for me to wear a burka.  I mean, can you imagine?  That would be some event.  I would put a belt over it, or at least try to get it in another color, like a bright turquoise.  

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